How to get better ranking on Google: optimizing your page speed

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You can try everything in terms of SEO and promotion but will never get high Google rankings if you do not focus on getting good page speed. How to get better ranking on Google: optimizing your page speed

Web success is mainly driven by two major aspects: the user experience and the robot experience.

When I talk about user experience I actually talk about the quality and the usefulness of a visit on your page: is your website easy to browse, interesting, useful, etc. The second aspect concerns the technical aspect of it: does it respect the W3C regulations, is it SEO-friendly, is it working properly, etc.

If you can fulfill both of those aspects, chances that your website will be successful are high.


Page speed is an elements that impacts both of those aspects: for a user, browsing a fast-loading page is an essential criteria to evaluate the page quality (who enjoys waiting for a page to load?). For a robot (such as Google bots), a fast-loading page is an indicator of a good quality page that the search engine should share with its community.

For those reasons, it is essential for you to focus immediately on your page speed.


I have listed here all the elements to consider when improving your website's page speed. Please feel free to share your thoughts and tips with me. - Download FREE 16 SEO tips infographic



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