Where are you in your career? 5 tips to ensure a bright future

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Do you feel a certain comfort in your job? Do you master all tasks you are given? Do you know all there is to know about your position? For the sake of your career, MOVE ON!

 JulienRio.com: Where are you in your career? 5 tips to ensure a bright future

"I will change next year", "The economical context isn't good for job seekers", "I just need to save a little more..."

How many excuses can you find yourself not to quit your current job? Do you know where you are in your career?

Here is a simple test to define whether you should change job:

  1. do you feel comfortable in your current position?
  2. do you master all your tasks?
  3. do you enjoy the "stable" aspect of your job?
  4. do you look at your watch very often?

If you answered "yes" to two of these questions, MOVE ON! While for some people stability & comfort are a must, if you are reading my blog you are keen to learn more and improve yourself, hence you are not one of them.

  • If you feel comfortable, you certainly lack challenges.
  • If you master your tasks, you are not learning anything new.
  • If you enjoy your current stability, you must miss excitement.
  • If you look at your watch often, you have lost your passion.

How long will it take for someone younger, more knowledgeable and energetic to take your place? LET'S MOVE ON!

The coming 5 tips will get you to the next step of your career!

  JulienRio.com: Where are you in your career? 5 tips to ensure a bright future

1. Give yourself objectives

An easy way to always move forward is to give yourself objectives. Setting some milestones on a timeline will give you a general direction and make sure you are always moving towards your goal.

What do you wish to achieve? Is there a specific position / industry / salary that you would like to get?

Set a few milestones with deadlines to reach this objective and stick to it!


 JulienRio.com: Where are you in your career? 5 tips to ensure a bright future

2. Find challenges

There is nothing more boring than an easy job. You spend an average of 36% of your time in office (and another 32% sleeping!) - it is worth making this time interesting!

Find a job where you face challenges - no need to start developing an ulcer with companies that constantly keep you stressed out and under pressure but a little challenge can go a long way!

Keep yourself busy and excited with a challenging job: you will learn more, feel more satisfied about your own performance and time will feel much shorter!


 JulienRio.com: Where are you in your career? 5 tips to ensure a bright future

3. Learn new things

Since you started your current job, many things have changed. New strategies have appeared, new software are available and your competitors certainly got better at what they are doing.

Sooner or later someone younger than you with more knowledge of the "new tools" will come and take your job. If you want to avoid that, keep yourself informed!

Take classes, do self learning, read articles... it is not all about learning things for your current job: learn things that you WANT to learn! Add new strengths to your resume.

Should you go back to school and get a new degree to boost your career?

The job market is evolving... are you?


4. Try new things

You have been doing sales for the past 15 years, but is it what you want?

It is never too late to try new things! Find a job that gives you sufficient exposure to try new things while handling those you know already. Bit by bit you will experience new things and, who knows, discover yourself some new talent!

You have only one life - don't waste it doing things you don't enjoy!


 JulienRio.com: Where are you in your career? 5 tips to ensure a bright future

5. Always take a job that's a little bigger than you

Do you know this quote from Richard Branson - "If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!"?

Well, I have received similar advice earlier in my career: "Always take a job that's a little bigger than you".

The ONLY way you will grow in your career is to take a job that seems difficult and challenging - pushing yourself to your limits to accomplish your mission is the key to personal growth.


Are you ready? Start looking for a new job today! You should start making a list of your "10 reasons for choosing a job"! And if you are not quite sure about the salary you should get, read "What is my real worth? What should be my salary?".


Julien Rio.


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