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There is no doubt that LinkedIn is a great tool for B2B companies. Some use it for advertising purpose, others to attract job candidates, some use it for brand awareness or lead capture. How to build a successful strategy for LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, too many companies simply create an account on LinkedIn, post a job offer or a new product info every now and then, and leave it to that, regretting the poor results.

But there is much more you can (should!) do about your Linkedin strategy. Let's discuss good practice.

 JulienRio.com - What should my company do with LinkedIn?


Build your profile

The very first thing to do in order to boost your company page is to complete your profile.

Have your logo setup properly, complete your description with plenty of details and links, have a nice banner that describes who you are and what you do and completes all profile information.

Remember that people do not see your entire company description at first glance - they will need to click "see more" to do so. It is, therefore, essential that the first couple of sentences in your description explains clearly who you are and what you do.

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Post quality, regularly

LinkedIn company pages are hard to grow in terms of followers. Their reach is limited and engagement can be difficult.

If you do not post the right type of things, you make this process even more complicated and unlikely to happen!

On LinkedIn, you need to post regularly, frequently, and smartly.

  • Regularly means that you need to define a frequency (say once a day, or once a week, for example), and stick to it.
  • Frequently means that you need to update your page often: it shouldn't be more than once a day, but shouldn't be less than twice a month either.
  • Smartly means that you need to think about your audience, not about yourself. What do THEY want to read about? Find what type of value you could bring to your audience and exploit it.


 JulienRio.com - What should my company do with LinkedIn? Chris J Reed LinkedIn expertLinkedIn Expert Chris J Reed (LinkedIn) recommends:

"Content keeps your followers engaged with what is going on. It also helps people to understand more about your company. Post company news. Market your upcoming events. Crow about your company’s awards. Stake out positions on economic, legal and other issues that impact your company or industry. "


Involve your team

I mentioned it earlier - reaching people on LinkedIn through your company page is difficult. There is a reason for it: people trust and care for other people, not for companies. Your company is unfortunately too "cold" and lacks humanity.

To find great results on LinkedIn, you will need to engage your own team. Encourage your people to build up their personal profile, tell about their job, link to your company page, like, share & comment your updates, etc.

You will find a thousand times more engagement through people sharing than company reach.


 JulienRio.com - What should my company do with LinkedIn? Chris J Reed LinkedIn expertLinkedIn Expert Chris J Reed (LinkedIn) recommends:

"Tap on your employees who are active on LinkedIn and who are happy working in your company. Get them to upload profile pictures with your company logo or name in the background. "


 JulienRio.com - What should my company do with LinkedIn? 


Put yourself on stage

What's more? You need a spokesperson. 

It could be yourself, the founder, the CEO, the Head of Marketing & PR. It doesn't matter. But it should be someone who has a story to tell, who's comfortable writing and speaking and who has a strong link to the company.

Once you found this person, get him to write regularly, with his own tone of voice, to share, to connect, to build relationships, etc.

People are more keen to follow others than companies - have this spokesman become your LinkedIn brand ambassador and drive additional traffic to the page and build trust.


 JulienRio.com - What should my company do with LinkedIn? Chris J Reed LinkedIn expertLinkedIn Expert Chris J Reed (LinkedIn) recommends:

"Establish the CEO as a thought leader. Showcase his or her personality and their views through regular posts on their personal page. Post their thoughts on important issues from the perspective of the company. "


Use groups

LinkedIn groups have unfortunately become less and less powerful over the years. Yet, these still remain a strong asset if you can find the right groups to post in!

Identify groups (up to 100) that correspond to your target market / industry / audience.

Whenever you have a new article, post it to these groups. Obviously, you will need something of value (a post about you, your products, your discounts, your innovations... is nothing more than spam and will backfire right away).

But if you bring the right post, with the right hook, to the right group, you will start a conversation and bring many new followers to your page and potential clients to your business!

 JulienRio.com - What should my company do with LinkedIn? 


Automate what you can

A large part of what you must do on LinkedIn cannot be automated. You need to engage people, connect with them, ask them questions, reply their comments, etc.

There is, however, something you can automate - your company page feed posting. Automating this part means removing a heavy yet important burden from your shoulders. 

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You prepare your backlog of content and trust the system to deliver it the way it should. You can use systems such as Hootsuite or Buffer to do it for you. These platforms offer a free version that makes it easier to schedule content. The problem is that it requires quite a bit of manual work to keep it running.

If you want to automate it completely and discuss your LinkedIn strategy, feel free to reach out - I can help you construct an efficient strategy and build a great auto-posting system based on multiple sources of content that will make your editorial work MUCH easier and give you the time to focus on what really matters.


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