What's your worth? 2 tools to estimate your REAL salary

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Are you underpaid? Do you see yourself in a different position? Talking about salary with your colleagues isn't possible and your boss might not want this conversation. Luckily, some tools exist to help you!

 Julienrio.com: What's your worth? 2 tools to estimate your REAL salary

Am I happy in my current job?

While salary definitely is an important aspect of your work, it might not be the most essential one.

Before starting to look around, have a real thinking about the job itself might be a good idea: do you LIKE your job?

Most of the time, people tend to consider themselves underpaid and ask for raise simply because they do not see themselves sufficiently paid to perform a job they don't like. When you like what you do, while salary might still be of concern at some point, you tend to go along with it.

 Julienrio.com: What's your worth? 2 tools to estimate your REAL salary

"I keep trying to convince myself that having this job is better than being unemployed"

If you are not too sure where you are in your career, you should read "Where am I in my career? 5 tips to insure a bright future".


What is my real worth?

When you try to define the salary you SHOULD get, things can get difficult. You might not have proper comparison points around you. Your family, colleagues, friends... they certainly have a job different from yours, more or less experience, higher or lower educational level... how to compare?

There are different methods that can help you evaluate your current worth.


PayScale is an online (free) tool that will help you analyze your situation, experience and expectation and compare your current salary to people in a similar situation with yours. The process is quite long and you will have to answer many questions but that will affect the accuracy of the result.


Adzuna is a job platform based in the UK where employers and employees can meet. They have recently added a new tool that analyzes your resume and give you the salary you should be getting with your personal experience.

The advantage of this method is that it takes only thirty seconds to upload your resume and wait for the results. Indeed, your CV will have to be truthful if you except an accurate answer!


I have tried both of these tools and end up with very similar answers, slightly higher than my current pay. Give it a try and let us know below how it worked out for you or if you have any other tool to suggest!


What's next step?

If your salary is consistent with your findings but you still want more, or if you are underpaid, here is what you should do.

 Julienrio.com: What's your worth? 2 tools to estimate your REAL salary

First, "dress for the job you want, not for the job you have". Gear yourself with expertise, training, market knowledge... get ready and train yourself for your next jump - be it inside your current company or somewhere else. You will never convince anyone you are made for the job if you are not convinced yourself!

You could also consider boosting your abilities with more studies or training. But degrees are time consuming and expensive... should you give it a try? If you are considering it, read "Should I get a new degree to boost my career?".


Don't hesitate sharing your experience or asking questions in the comments section below!


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