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Using the right hashtags on LinkedIn is essential to get the visibility you seek. But which hashtags should you be using when you talk about job offers and recruitment? Here is the updated list of the most popular LinkedIn hashtags on this topic.

If you are working in the recruitment business and use LinkedIn to advertise your ads, or if you are simply a manager looking for more candidates to join your team, LinkedIn may be a powerful tool if you use the right hashtags. If you want to be part of the conversation and have some visibility, this article will help you identify the best possible hashtags for you to use.

Most popular LinkedIn recruitment hashtags (last update: 28/01/2021):

Using the most popular LinkedIn hashtags will give your posts more visibility - assuming you know which hashtags are popular. - Most popular linkedin hashtags WFH - Most popular linkedin hashtags WFH - Most popular linkedin hashtags WFH


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How many hashtags should I use?

LinkedIn is no longer specific about the number of hashtags you should be using.

While Instagram and Twitters seem to encourage batch-usage of hashtags, LinkedIn prefers quality over quantity.

The golden number used to be 3 hashtags, no more, no less, but these rules have changed since the last algorithm update. You could now use 5 or more without much negative impact. My personal recommendation is to use 3 very popular hashtags (from the list above), and one less popular but more specific one. Something that concerns your industry, your region, your product and that would give you visibility within a niche that you deeply care about. For example, the hashtag #JobsInIndia is much less popular than #Jobs, but the type of followers would be more specific and qualitative if you are looking for candidates in India.

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