Launching or re-launching a website - don't make those mistakes!

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Whether you launch a website or relaunch an existing one, things might seem easy at first sight but traps are everywhere! Launching or re-launching a website - don't make those mistakes!

I have launched and relaunched quite a few website in the past few years. I have made countless mistakes which I have learned from.

Launching a website might seem like an easy job but often turns out to be over-complicated: things are constantly delayed, the final result is completely different from the original idea and the real purpose of the website isn't really fulfiled.

When it comes to re-launching a website, it is usually even worse. On top of all the things I just mentioned, there is also the risk of losing the existing traffic, content and value.


For all those reasons, I have put together two quick guides of things to take into consideration before launching or relaunching a site.


Launching your website: the 10 steps to a smooth process

Re-launching your website: 10 steps to avoid chaos - Download FREE 16 SEO tips infographic



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