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What should I talk about on my Facebook page?

Nowadays everyone has a Facebook page. Most companies use Facebook as a bond with their consumers. But what am I going to talk about on my Facebook page?

In the early days of the internet, long before the launch of Facebook and all those Social Media platforms, blogs were ruling the web.

Most of the early users of the internet had a blog. Usually, people would just use their blog to tell the world what was going through their minds. "Today, I ate an apple". What should I talk about on my Facebook page?

With Facebook, people do not bother having blogs anymore and tend to use Facebook as a way to express their feelings or share their daily activities.


But as a business, what could you possibly talk about on your Facebook page?


For some business models, the answer might be easy. If you had a cooking website, you might share recipes. If you had an accounting company, you would certainly share financial tips. If you were in the sport business, you would probably discuss matches results or strategies. But what could you possibly talk about on your Facebook page if you sell candies? Or if your business is related to perfumes?


In a previous article, we discussed how to reply negative posts on your Facebook page. Now is time to see what content you could possibly post on your page to encourage your visitors to post comments.


The golden key to Facebook content

There really is only one thing you must keep in mind when writing on your Facebook page: "what are my readers interested in?".  What should I talk about on my Facebook page?

Whatever you decide to post on your page must be either interesting or entertaining. Your readers must either learn something they would value or spend a nice time reading it.

Many businesses fail with their Facebook strategy because they think of what they want to communicate before thinking of what people want to read. You surely would like your readers to know about how great your products are, but do they want to hear about that?


Facebook is a community. The whole purpose of having a page is not so much informing people but building a community that would talk about you while growing. To achieve that, you must provide people with valuable content.


The examples of Oreo and Skittles

Oreo is a biscuit brand and Skittles and candies brand.

What would you possibly talk about on your Facebook page if you were content manager of those brands?

Before reading this article any further, take a minute to think about the strategy you would use if it was your job to handle Skittles or Oreo's Facebook page. What should I talk about on my Facebook page?

As mentioned, Oreo is making biscuits. On its Facebook page, Oreo shares almost daily pictures of its product. But the brand does not share "boring" static product pictures. On their Facebook page, the Oreo team shares original and funny photos of the product in various situations. What should I talk about on my Facebook page?

That way, the community is entertained in some way and encouraged to share their own pictures and opinion.

The Oreo facebook page.


For Skittles, the same concept applies.

Instead of posting simple product information or product pictures (that few people only would be interested in), Skittles posts pictures of Skittles' fans in various bizarre and funny situations. What should I talk about on my Facebook page?

That way, fans feel involved in the brand development and keep posting pictures of themselves with the product.

The Skittles Facebook page.


Warning: Facebook isn't a customer generator

If you want to be one of those successful Facebook users, you must consider two elements: the first one is to be different and provide some original and valuable content to you visitors while the second is to have reasonable expectations. One million fans on Facebook is very different from one million customers. Your "fan base" does not necessarily reflect your customer base. What should I talk about on my Facebook page?


Based on this knowledge, do not spend more time and money than you can afford on Social Media strategies: those bring brand awareness and recognition but do not necessarily impact sales the way you would like.




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