Keep your good resolutions and make good use of it

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Avoiding to give up new year's resolutions before the end of January isn't an easy task. But such challenge can bring value to your daily life.

Happy New Year!

I wish you good health, lots of happiness, and, before all, lots of success in business! Tenir ses résolutions et en tirer profit

You probably already chose your good resolutions for 2013. The difficult part will be to keep those!


Lose weight, change diet, buy a new car, get married, have kids, change job, travel... there are lots of possibilities! What usually lacks isn't ideas but motivation.

Today I offer you a quick and efficient method for both individuals and professionals to give life to your resolutions.


What have I accomplished?

Are you able to look back and tell what you achieved in 2012?

For example, in 2012 I promised myself I would publish a new article on my blog every two weeks: mission accomplished!

Could you give yourself three examples of things you are proud of, things you have successfully achieved in 2012?

If you can, congratulations! Otherwise, don't worry, we will try to find together some way to make things different.


One of the most interesting things at New Year is to look back and feel pride for the work done. You might finally have got the job you dreamt of, have built the family you wanted or purchased the house the desired. Maybe you launched the product you were thinking about for so many years or built your own company! What you did does not really matter: what matters is that you are proud of what you did and feel like this year was fruitful.


How to do?

Nothing's easier.

Find a free hour somewhere in your schedule, take a pen and a piece of paper and open your mind. Tenir ses résolutions et en tirer profit

Define three things you wish to accomplish within 2013. These things can be personal or professional, concern you or people around you. What matters is that you care about those things.

Once defined, divide them into 4 more accessible tasks.

For example, if your goal is to launch a new product by January 2014, your tasks might be:

  • define the product: budget, investment, attributes, market, ...
  • develop the product in terms of design, materials, packaging, ...
  • prepare a list of potential partners / customers and test the product
  • prepare the product launch and start developing the various marketing material

One goal, 4 tasks, and it took no more than a few minutes.

Now, each of those tasks should correspond to a certain period of the year. Ideally, one task should take precisely 3 months time, but you can be flexible.

Place these on your calendar: March, the product must be defined, June, the product development must be finished, etc...


Now, subdivide your tasks into easy to execute tasks.

For example, the task "Product definition" could easily be divided:

  • define product's attributes
  • define the total budget and investment
  • define the market
  • define the marketing strategy
  • ...


Now you have a clear list of tasks to place on your calendar. Following this list will lead you to accomplishing your goal very easily.


Within an hour or less, you have defined a global planning for the year to come. Whenever you have a few minutes free on your agenda, you should focus on those tasks. This way, you will be able to accomplish important things without having to make them become priorities: it is an efficient way to make best use of spare time.

If you are facing difficulties defining priorities in your tasks, I invite you to read my article "The Eisenhower box: save your time by prioritizing your tasks" that shall certainly help you solving this problem. Tenir ses résolutions et en tirer profit

That way, a year from now, you will be able to look back and say "this is what I accomplished in 2013 and I am proud of it!".

Edited, June 2014: If you wish to make some real life changes, I invite you to read "The Power of Habit" that offers real keys to personal self control.


Julien Rio.

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