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Today I offer you, for free, my secret to appear first on all Google results pages and become rich in 24h! With my free solution you will earn at least 6000$ a month... from home!

Have you ever seen or received such message?

No need to precise that this is a scam. If, like me, you have been studying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for years, you know how impossible it is to jump to Google's first result using a miracle software or some magical formula: earning 500$ a day staying home is not possible... without efforts.

In this article, I will try to study with you the reasons why such advertising can't work and how to reach your objectives efficiently. Comment devenir riche en 24h et voir son site premier sur Google? Le secret marketing

SEO basics

All search engines are based on a certain number of criteria both qualitative and quantitative. When fulfilling those criteria your website slowly climbs in rankings and appears higher and higher in search results for specific keywords.

Those criteria and the way search engines use them are secrets but experiments and knowledge sharing give us a global understanding.

The first criterion is quantitative: how many links are pointing to your website? How many links, created by other websites / blogs are redirecting visitors to your website?

Then, this exact same criterion is considered in a qualitative way: what is the nature of those links? Are they hard links (built in your code) or soft links (extracted from a database)?

After, we must evaluate the quality of the link itself: are those links placed on text? What about the quality of this text (a link on "click here" has very little value; on contrary, a link placed on "fashion models" for a models website has high value)? Is the link on a picture? Does this picture contain an "alt" tag with keywords? Does the page on which the link appears contain other links?

Finally, the quality of the website hosting your link is also very important: is this website in the same language as yours? Is it hosted in the same country? What is its ranking? Does this website treat similar topics?

All those details greatly influence the ranking of your website in search engines results. Keep in mind that those criteria are only part of things search engines look at when classifying websites. Some other criteria concerning your own website also influence the result: is your website full of keywords? Are those placed in a proper context? Do they appear in logical sentences are they simply tossed in a list of keywords? Is your website built so that robots (more details later in this article) can crawl it easily? Are your pages internally linked properly? Is your website built on a clear HTML code, or is it full of flash? Do you provide a sitemap? Do you respect the W3C regulations? All those criteria (and many others) define your ranking in search engines results. - Download FREE 16 SEO tips infographic


Moreover, each search engine (Google, yahoo!, bing, etc...) has its own criteria and ways to use them.

Once again, each element influences your ranking on specific keywords. For example, if all links pointing to your website are placed on the text "become rich in 24h", you will most probably get good results when people type those keywords. However, people typing "Google's secrets" will have little chance to find you as those are not keywords people use to define you in their links.

There is no absolute rule to classify websites on the web: all is based on a keyword concept.


Search engines results

Most miracle solutions found on the internet try selling you this keyphrase: "Your website in the first pages of Google!".

What does "first pages of Google" means? Are we talking about the first result of the first page, or the fifth result of the second page?

Did you know that 60% of the clicks generated on search engines happen on the first three results?

The graph below shows clicking rate per result position.



Considering the previous graph (coming from a serious study of Optify) we can observe the obvious difference of treatment between a page appearing first on Google results and another appearing 15th.

If you couple those results with the popularity of a keyword you can estimate the possible number of clicks you might get using such keyword.


The keyword "chocolate" receives several millions search queries each month. If you manage to be first on Google results for this keyword, you will obtain most probably about 36% of those visitors.

In contrary, the keyword "New York white chocolate" barely receives 10 queries each month. Even being first result for this query, you would obtain no more than 2 or 3 visitors a month.

It is essential to define whether you want to focus on a popular keyword to collect most results or if you choose to use the long tail concept (please refer to my article The Long Tail theory), focusing on a lot of unpopular keywords which, once altogether, represent a large base of visitors.

What about the conversion rate?

In order to make things a little more complicated, let's talk about the conversion rate. How many people having clicked on your link will then generate a real action on your web page (purchase, subscription, participation, etc...)?

If they have been directed to your site by mistake (by clicking on a link stating "cheap website creation" and linking to a page discussing car racing, for example), there is very little chance they would do anything else than closing the page.

All those reasons (presented in a rather quick & dirty way, I have to admit) express a single idea: your links and keywords are the fuel of your website. Choosing them is an art, and it is essential to master it to become master of your success.



How do websites such as Google manage to discover your page? How do they evaluate all those criteria and change it into rankings?

All this is done by what we call "robots", or "bots". Bots are actually programs that crawl the web to extract information from there (keywords, structures, links, pictures, texts, ...). Then, complicated algorithms different for each search engine process the data and change it into ranking.

This is the exact reason why advertisings such as "become rich in 24h" or "be first on Google in 24h" are misleading. Robots crawling your website do not do it on a daily basis (there are billions of websites out there, and millions new ones grow each day; it is impossible for a robot to visit all each time there is an update) and consequently, promising the first rank on Google with 24h is absolutely impossible.

Similarly, software promising the "first place on Google" have no logic to base their claims on: what is a "first place on Google"? On which keyword? On all keywords? On one only? Which one?

SEO is a long term work. It takes months if not years to see the results. There is no such thing as a shortcut offering the quality you expect for your website.

Another example: websites promising "500 links for your website". We have seen in the previous chapter that the number of links pointing to your website is important. Therefore, 500 extra links should be a good thing, right?

No! We have also seen that quality is at least as important as quantity when it comes to links! In this precise case, the quality of the links you are about to create is essential: 500 low quality links, coming from unknown websites or, worse, mirror websites will most certainly hurt your results and ruin your work. Comment devenir riche en 24h et voir son site premier sur Google? Le secret marketing


Shortcuts and marketing secrets

Does it mean that all easy solutions found on the internet are necessarily bad?

I personally haven't tested all of those "easy tricks" and "miracle solutions" that can be found on the web. Some might work, other are certainly scams.

The purpose of this article isn't to reject all solutions at once. The main purpose is to establish some rules when it comes to basic SEO. Once you understand the concept of "bots", once you know what an efficient link is, you are able to estimate the ability of a miracle solution to help or hurt your SEO work.

Let's see together a few miracle techniques that might seriously harm your website.


Using a "viewer"

"Viewers" are a very specific kind of websites. Users of such websites are looking for quick & easy visits on their pages. The concept is rather simple: by surfing a viewer website your browser will visit a new random page every X seconds. While doing this, you accumulate points that will bring other random visitors to your page.

In terms of numbers, this system seems very efficient: your number of visitors will virtually grow. It is good for the ego and for the mood, but what about the results?

This system simply does not work.

First, your visitors are absolutely virtual; those people visiting your page are like you: their only purpose is to accumulate points to gather more visitors. They have no interest in your content and would probably not even look at it.

Then, those visits have no value: each visitor stays at best a few seconds on your website, which could give a wrong image of your work and statistics. Indeed, what would you think of a website on which people stay in average no more than a few seconds?

Finally, those visits have a cost: as I mentioned in my article "How to recognize a good customer", each visitor costs you money as he generates traffic that you pay for.


Buying links

I mentioned it earlier, but I repeat it again: buying links simply doesn't work.

An efficient link is a link placed on a logical sentence containing proper keywords, inside a positive ranking page and having few or no other displayed link.

Even more important, the link must be placed in a context corresponding to your content. To achieve that, the best way is to get such link created by someone who actually likes your content and wants to link to it.

No links sales (I ever heard of) provide such quality. The opposite usually happens: those offers give you a lot of poor quality links that harm your SEO strategy. If you can judge people by looking at their friends, you can surely judge a website by looking at its links: if most of the links pointing to you are of a low quality, search engines might as well consider you of a poor quality.

Instead, building links network based on smart partnership or efficient advertising is really efficient. For advice on advertising on forums, please read my article "How to use a forum for promotion".


Buying a software

There are software out there that promise fabulous results in terms of SEO. To be able to judge those, I should test them (and buy them!) all.

However, there are simple care rules to respect when it comes to spending money on a SEO campaign. Ask yourself the right questions.

Which result do you want to achieve? Are you planning on working with a single keyword or on changing your website into a keywords generator? Will the software buy keywords for you or simply make suggestions to improve your website. How does it work and how to evaluate its results?

As far as I could tell, no software is able to make your website appear on top of Google results easily: if it was that easy, those software would themselves be on top of Google results for "Internet Marketing".

Another important detail when it comes to buying keywords is your actual strategy. Are you planning on defying the leaders and buy most popular keywords? Or are you planning on following the Long Tail theory (remember, we mentioned this concept already earlier: The Long Tail theory), buying plenty of less popular but more targeted keywords?


The ultimate solution

Now that we have seen the most common scam promising you the moon in 24h, here is the unique and only efficient method to reach your SEO goals: work.

Daily, hard and constant improvement work is the unique key to success in SEO.

What about becoming rich in 24h? I advise you to buy a lottery ticket, you might have more luck.


The shortcuts I have condemned in this article are now severely punished by Google since the penguin update.



Now that you know about the importance of creating efficient links, I invite you to read my article "How to use a forum for promotion" and find a new efficient way to develop those links.

To get more information about SEO strategies, please read "How to change your website into a cash generating machine".


Julien Rio.

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