Webinar with #EventIcons – how to build a successful booth strategy ?

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#EventIcons is a major webcast in the US interviewing icons of the event industry all over the world to share their knowledge and experience. In this specific episode, I was invited to discuss trade shows and strategy.

I was recently interviewed alongside Trevor Lewis by #EventIcons to share my experience of trade shows and exhibitions. During that webinar, we have discussed the future of the industry, its problems and keys to success.

I invite you to discover the entire webcast through the link below as well as the short summary immediately after.

JulienRio.com - Entretient vidéo avec #EventIcons – comment réussir sa foire expo ? 


Why do companies participate in trade shows?

Many companies don't even know why. Among bad reasons, we find "because my competitors are there", "because my boss said so" and "because we've always been there".

These reasons do not justify the investment and do not help measuring results.

The objective could be capturing qualified leads, promoting a new product launch, attracting media coverage, etc.

What matters is to have concrete quantifiable goals you could measure and analyze to estimate your success and the ROI of your participation.


JulienRio.com - Trevor Lewis TradeShowTrevor Lewis, Trade Show Expert (LinkedIn profile), recommends:

Having defined objectives of what your company is looking to accomplish by attending the trade show is vital. You will never get the outcomes you are looking for if you don't define them to begin with. "


 JulienRio.com - Entretient vidéo avec #EventIcons – comment réussir sa foire expo ?

What are the most common mistakes we can observe in booths?

There are multiples mistakes. In the top 10, we can see booth staff:

  • sitting at a table
  • playing with their phones
  • eating at the booth
  • chewing gums
  • staring at their feet
  • looking angry or bored
  • chit-chatting among themselves

All these mistakes are often not the staff's fault, but the lack of training. For your team to be efficient, you must train it and share your knowledge, experience and good practice. Communicating on objectives is essential for everyone to work towards the same goals.

 JulienRio.com - Entretient vidéo avec #EventIcons – comment réussir sa foire expo ?

What are the keys to success?

The first and most important key is to plan early. A trade show booth prepared 3 weeks in advance will never bring the expected results. A good organization requires a few months of planning, 6 to 8 to be safe.


JulienRio.com - Trevor Lewis TradeShowTrevor Lewis, Trade Show Expert (LinkedIn profile), recommends:

" If your company can get a strong grasp of the key elements of trade show planning (industry research, well-defined budget, and booth staff readiness) you will engage with clients more effectively and create a memorable brand experience without breaking the bank. "



Having a clear, detailed budget early on is another impactful element to open the doors of success. Without a budget, you end up overspending but also forgetting about important aspects of your strategy.

Beyond these two elements, other keys exist. Sending your products early on and planning for your logistics correctly, choosing the right booth location, training your team thoroughly, preparing your follow-up strategy, qualifying prospects are all important keys to a successful expo.

 JulienRio.com - Entretient vidéo avec #EventIcons – comment réussir sa foire expo ?

What are the industry trends?

Exhibitions and trade shows are more and more digital savvy. From the usage of apps helping exhibitors to capture leads to attendees apps, most expo now make use of digital solutions.

The real trend for 2017 is VR (Virtual Reality). Even though it might still be just a gadget making the buzz, it promises incredible applications in the near future.

Exhibitors should nonetheless keep in mind that attracting crowds isn't a goal on its own. Ten qualified visitors are worth more than a hundred non-qualified ones. Do not try to attract more people than you could handle using trendy solutions.

Thanks Will Curran for inviting me to participate in #EventIcons!



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