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Understanding the E-marketing in Asia

Each country, each culture, each language has its own specificities. There is no such thing as a global e-marketing strategy.

Today I would like to invite Olivier Verot to share his experience in terms of E-marketing in Asia.


In the recent years, Asia has become a major market for Western companies that wish to implement their business among the Asian population. The modernization of these countries goes especially by Westernization. Everyone today knows that e- marketing is the key success for companies who want to improve their visibility among Asian populations. The Asian is now called a global consumer. He uses more and more Internet to search for information by creating online communities. - E-marketing in Asia

Apparition of new marketing strategies

Consumer trends are changing and companies must adapt to those changes.
E marketing represents all marketing techniques used by companies on the internet through various means such as SEO, Social Media, Community Management or Viral Marketing. All these services help businesses attract new customers and make them loyal to a brand. For example, Asian people bring a lot of importance to culture; they have tastes and habits, whichare totally different from Western customs. That is why they cannot be attracted to the same products or the same ads. - E-marketing in Asia

A big challenge for luxury brands

Asians (often called clients " darlings " of the luxury sector) represent people who have the highest expenditure regarding the purchase of luxury goods. The luxury market has grown considerably, particularly in China.
You will notice that the big luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel are very active on social networks and have managed to gather a large number of users, called community. Weibo and Wechat are the two main social networks in Asia and serve as marketing support for these brands. Thus, luxury brands, more accessible in their digital strategy, seeking to democratize their relationship and get closer to their consumers, especially on the web. - E-marketing in Asia

E-marketing and travel

Chinese travel abroad more because the level of classroom life has increased thanks to the rise in annual revenues. In addition, we note that the competition is getting tougher since we attract Chinese tourists in the best way, E-commerce for travel is booming with new e-marketing techniques implemented by travel agencies. Chinese love luxury travel and tours. This is why agencies offer  “all inclusive” circuits that are well explained on their respective websites. The Chinese will trust and make reservations via Internet after seeing different forums. Indeed, David of CFA, travel specialist in Burma says that " Chinese people are tourists who book the most luxurious circuits on Internet because they trust and are willing to pay the price, the fact that there is not a lot of tourists there attracts many travellers. " - E-marketing in Asia

Finally, we advise companies that want to relocate in Asia to concentrate their efforts on their digital marketing strategy. This is essential to successfully launch your business. Only in China, 591 million people are connected to the Internet. Do not wait and be present on social networks! If you are now ready to move on and prepare your website for the Asian market, I encourage you to read "Preparing your multilanguages website for efficient SEO" before starting translating content.


Olivier VEROT. E-marketing in Asia Olivier VEROT
Arrived in China in January 2007, he discovered the Chinese culture. As his real passion was Marketing, he realized analyzes of Chinese consumers’ behavior, and many case studies on the establishment of businesses in the Chinese market. Thus, he created the website Due to its original content it has now been several years that Marketing Chine is a leading Key opinion Leader concerning marketing and China. Olivier Verot opened his web marketing agency "Gentlemen Marketing Agency" and sell his expertise when it comes to digital communication. He will be the best partner for any company eager to communicate in the Chinese Internet and improve the traffic of their websites as well as building a Chinese community around their products.

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