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The evolution of e-commerce with the use of mobiles devices

The days of brick and mortar shops can not be counted, but e-commerce is changing with the evolution of behaviours. Mobile traffic will certainly represent the future.

Indeed, the number of active mobile devices is expected to reach 8.2 billion by 2018.
Consumers take their phones everywhere and 90% of them already use their smartphones to find information such as opening hours, shopping sites, and more. The contactless technologies such as QR codes and others create more interactive experiences for customers, which makes use of the more vital than ever mobile technology. The evolution of e-commerce with the use of mobiles devices

Some figures

The sustained growth of mobile use will have a significant impact on businesses looking to sell online. The growing importance of easy to use sales platforms is now clear. Surprisingly, it is expected that the m-commerce how it is now called could reach $ 626 billion in sales by 2018 compared to 636 billion dollars in sales on all platforms today. In Japan, for example, 30% of all e-commerce sales are now made via mobile platforms. In Q4 2013, 50% of all Amazon sales came from mobile sources, which is something that can not be ignored. In addition, mobile transaction via PayPal increased by 115% during Black Friday.

An important area of growth in the use of mobile technologies is in the form of improvements that can bring the mobile to the shopping experience in the real world. Although there is still a long way to go, more than 90% of mobile users regularly use the devices to verify information such as opening hours of a store. In recent years, brands have put a lot of energy to facilitate the use of mobile wallets and payments, and providing value-added services. The evolution of e-commerce with the use of mobiles devices

What's now?

An increase in the number of net savvy buyers has profound implications for the growth of mobile commerce. More often, consumers are using mobile devices, not only for shopping but also to compare offers and deals.
For retailers, this means getting ahead and knowing what is on the market. The rise of group purchasing and price comparison sites, coupled with the ability of consumers to compare prices wherever they can get a connection means that brands need to offer deals that are in line with the market at all times.

The constant development of technology continually affects the evolution of mobile commerce, or m-commerce. Growth and variety of mobile applications have had a significant impact. For example, the last application sharing taxi, Uber, sparked controversy inside and outside the industry. In 2013, consumers have downloaded 50 billion iPhone and iPad apps on Apple App Store, and there were more than 1 million apps available on the market.

Infographic explanation

The Vouchercloud teams have looked a little more detail on the portrait of the mobile consumer and the evolution of the use of mobile devices. The evolution of e-commerce with the use of mobiles devices

Your next challenge will be to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly! Maraike  

Maraike is a digital marketing and IT specialist who works for a site offering vouchers and online coupons.

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