CX Therapy

with CX Veteran Max Ball
and CCXP Julien Rio

Hop on the therapy couch and
Let's Talk Customer Experience!

Let's Talk Customer Experience

CX Therapy - we've all had 'em, those customer service experiences that are so bad they leave you wanting to run straight to your therapist's couch.

Maybe that is not such a bad idea, there are good lessons in every bad customer experience. Join industry veterans Julien Rio and Max Ball as they share some of their scariest and most disturbing customer experiences, and break them down to see what went wrong. Was it the wrong technology. structural issues, agent problems?

Listen in and find out.





CX Therapy

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Julien Rio

Julien Rio is a Certified Customer Experience Professional with a passion for CX and an expertise in marketing.

Max Ball

Max Ball is a strategic thinker who likes rolling up his sleeves and getting things done, a dynamic presenter, and passionate evangelist.


Hall of Fame

Best Customer Experiences

Episode 65

Lucky I'm in love, with my telco

Julien jumps on the CX Therapy couch and talks about his experience with Bouygues Telecom's customer service.

Episode 67

The power of empathy

Another great story built on empathy and customer care by the international automative brand Midas.


(Very Important Patients)


Over time we have had quite a few famous patients on the CX Therapy Couch! Customer Experience professionals, analysts, consultants, tech experts, CX trainers, they all endured terrible experiences and felt like hoping on our couch to share their story and help us analyze it. Those Very Important Patients have a lot to share! Meet some of our guest stars:

Daniel Ord
Daniel Ord
Paolo Fabrizio
Paolo Fabrizio
Jim Tincher
Jim Tincher
Gerry Brown
Gerry Brown
Patrick Watson
Patrick Watson