I have an atypical skillset that allows me to understand and manage all the aspects of marketing: communication, promotion, design, programing and planning.

content marketing, blogging, SEO, link building, lead acquisition, Social Media

database building, EDMs, campaigns, A/B testing, analytics, email automation

PR, conference, keynote speaking, interviews, media

design, logo, branding, illustrator / photoshop, video shooting & editing

Web Development
front end, back end, PHP / HTML / JS / CSS / AJAX / Phonegap

Trade Show
strategy, planning, lead capture, follow-up & conversion


Entrepreneur and marketing expert, I have worked in multiple industries across Europe and Asia for the past 11 years. Through those experiences I have been in charge of Marketing Strategy and managed both small and large international teams, focusing on all aspects of traditional and digital marketing, including branding, SEO, SEM, communication & PR, web development, trade shows & exhibitions, social media, ABM & emailing campaigns, design, etc.

I founded myfairtool in 2015 in Hong Kong to offer a solution for companies exhibiting at trade shows to better manage their event and improve their outcome. For the same reasons, I wrote The Trade Show Chronicles in 2017.

I then moved to Paris, France, to lead the international marketing effort for Dimelo (now RingCentral Engage Digital) a software company specialized in omni-digital customer care and helped with the acquisition by RingCentral.

Through this website & blog I wish to share my experience and knowledge. Please feel free to reach out if you have any question.


Here is a short overview of some of the companies I've worked for in the past 9 years across multiple industries.

Toys, Compounds & Electronics
Hong Kong

Hind Group
Hospitality & F&B
Hong Kong

Transport & Delivery
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Company Registration
Hong Kong

Customer Care


I am a regular keynote speaker for multiple types of marketing and customer engagement events across Europe, Asia and North America. Here is a sample of some past speaking sessions.


Interviews, publications, conferences, references - find out more about me and my activities on various media and blogs.



Michael Wolczyk
Michael Wolczyk
Julien is one of the most structured and organised people I have ever met. He is ambitious and wants to get things done. Within our fast paced environment he has always been able to prioritize, delegate and follow up his tasks in a proper manner. Additional to his good working methods he has a very creative mind when it comes to finding solutions for given challenges. As an expert in terms of Social Media and Web Development he defined the blog strategy and the Social Media strategy for our company. I really enjoyed working with Julien and can only recommend his professional and creative mind.
Aaron Pang
Aaron Pang
I worked with Julien for about 6 months when I was leading Hong Kong and he was leading our regional marketing team in South East Asia. I had a lot of interaction with him with regards to regional and local marketing strategy, business partnership, re-branding, recruitment, management and general direction of business.
Julien is a terrifc leader with lots of experience leading regional and local marketing teams. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Julien and I am sure everyone who has worked with him would agree, his tenacity, discipline and ability to execute is second-to-none.
I have no hesitation recommending Julien to any company. He will be a tremendous asset to any growing company.
Heddy Li
Heddy Li
Julien is very detail minded and well organized. He is capable to prioritize & follow up different tasks properly within tight time frame.
Boris Stoyanov
Boris Stoyanov
I had the pleasure to work with Julien for 18 months while he was Marketing Director at Lalamove. He brought along its knowledge, experience and management skills that helped our exponential growth across China and SEA. Julien successfully proved Marketing and IT work closely together: capable of building bridges between technical, creative and leads generation tactics, his contribution was highly valuable in this entrepreneurial journey. Autodidact in many ways and able to build a concept from scratch and bring it to the top, Julien appears to be a perfect fit for the startups and entrepreneur world.
Club des Entrepreneurs de Hong Kong
Club des Entrepreneurs de Hong Kong
Nous avons eu la chance d'avoir Julien dans le cadre des conférences du Club Entrepreneur de Hong Kong Accueil en Juin 2017 sur le théme ''Le marketing de contenu - la clé d'une réussite à long terme''. Pendant cette présentation de plus de 2 heures, les entrepreneurs français de Hong Kong présents ont pu apprendre, échanger, écouter et interagir efficacement et pragmatiquement sur ce vaste thème et ceci grâce à la connaissance expérimentée de Julien, de sa pédagogie, de son empathie et de sa capacité à appréhender les marchés et spécificités de chaque participant. Debutants ou moins débutants, tous nos participants avec qui nous avons débriefé aprés la séance ont souligné la densité en cas pratiques de la présentation la to-do list qu'ils en ont tous retirés, gage de la qualité de la formation de Julien. RDV est donné pour une prochaine séance à Hong Kong en 2018 sans faute !
Anthony Yu
Anthony Yu
Julien is very detail-oriented, well-organised, love sharing creative ideas, help yourself and your company growth and develop.
Jancis Sin
Jancis Sin
Julien is a knowledgeable, considerate and team-oriented leader. He has always proven to execute outstanding leadership and coaching in the company . Whenever I have questions, Julien responds or support right away and follows up if the issues have been resolved. His enthusiastic attitude have made me motivated to do the best job I can. I highly recommend him without any reservations.
Alexa Chen
Alexa Chen
Julien is a Digital Manager having strong multi-task management skills with effective outputs.


I use my blog to share my personal insights and experience in various marketing fields, including digital marketing, exhibitions, branding and organization management.

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My Book

I published The Trade Show Chronicles in 2017 to help companies exhibiting at trade shows to better prepare for their show and manage every aspect of it.

This book is written as a novel and tells the story of a young sales person organizing his first exhibition booth.

Instead of a traditional business book with checklists and bullet points, you enjoy an entertaining story packed with concrete situations and applicable tips that will change the way you manage trade shows forever!


The Trade Show Chronicles - Julien Rio - book


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